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We’re Papermen, He Said



We’re Paperment, He Said follows the operations of unofficial recyclers and rubbish men in Ankara.  Following the marginalised urban practices of these workers the work explores the phenomenon of garbage and the particular informal economy thus developed by the papermen.


How Capital Moves

Video (Total: 26:00 Mins)


This film forms a body of work originally commissioned for presentation at the 2010 Łódź Biennale. The work was prompted by the relocation of a U.S. multinational computer factory based in Limerick, Ireland, to Łódź, Poland in 2009. The script for the film is based on narratives of redundancy and precarity expressed by current and former employees of ‘The Company’ on an online forum.



The Struggle Against Ourselves


16mm transferred to DVD

The Struggle Against Ourselves, explores Russian theatre director Vsevolod Meyerhold’s studies in biomechanics.  Meyerhold developed a series of dedicated bodily training exercised called Ètudes which he saw as generating a new form of political expression and physical understanding.…/struggle-against-ourselves

Jesse Jones: The Struggle Against Ourselves is produced in collaboration with the CalArts Schools of Film/Video and Theatre.



GUESTures | GOSTIkulacije

Double-screen video-installation (33:00 Mins)



This film is a central part of a series of works that stem from artist’s research and interviews with migrant worker women in Berlin, who were part of an organised mass labour migration, from the socialist Yugoslavia to West-Germany, in the late 1960s. Inspired by the verbatim theatre, the interview replies of three women leaving Yugoslavia to work in a television factory in Berlin in the 60s and 70s are performed to camera by actress Adna Sablyich. On an adjacent screen, Kern hand-draws an object that belongs to each woman on a blackboard: a cat, a painting and a lamp.

NORTH – 55

(Marie Barrett)


Audio-visual installation



This work brings together recordings of contemporary and historical elements of the linen/garment factory work and culture in North-West Ireland, specifically the shirt factories in Derry. Oral testimonies, photographic portraits and video recordings capture the experiences of ex-factory workers.


Sweet Sugar Rage



Distributed by Cinenova

Sweet Sugar Rage shows the work of, and explores the methods used by the theatre collective Sistren to highlight the harsh conditions facing female workers on a Jamaican sugar estate. To the sounds of a reggae rhythm we travel with the women of Sistren Theatre Collective from a Kingston ghetto to the green sugar cane fields of Clarendon. We meet Iris who, after 25 years as a sugar worker, is unable to continue in the fields because of ill health. Sistren is a women’s popular theatre company based in Kingston, Jamaica, which uses drama-in-education as a means of problem solving at a community level; questioning in particular society’s failure to value the work and skills of women. The tape is an exciting example of how drama can be used to educate and mobilise women. ‘…In the nine years of Sistren’s work we have explored many different forms – theatre, workshops, screen print, magazine, film, dance, music.’ Sistren Theatre Collective.

Pilvi Takala

The Trainee



Courtesy of the artist and Carlos/Ishikawa

Pilvi Takala’s film and performance The Trainee was produced in a collaboration with Deloitte and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, and involved the artist working undercover for a month as trainee “Johanna Takala” in the marketing department of Deloitte.



Video Series (Total: 43:00 Mins)


A series of videos about the lives and working conditions of female domestic workers from South and Southeast Asia and their experiences of global migration. Exchange Square is the name of a square in the centre of Hong Kong which is reclaimed by thousands of domestic workers every Sunday.



flight strength/centrifugal force

Video (19:9 Mins)


Ahmed Anwari and Yosufi Nagip, two tailors who emigrated from Kabul to Germany, sew a suit for Moira Zoitl. The circumstances surrounding the manufacture of the suit mirror the process of emigration.



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